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About Us

Queen's Park Florist is your leading New Westminster floral specialist.

Welcome to Queens Park Florist

Queen’s Park Florist is your leading New Westminster floral specialist. We serve all types of customers – business and non-commercial clients – for a myriad of occasions that are beautifully enhanced by flowers. Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings, proms, fundraisers, and corporate events are just some of the occasions we specialize in. We also create commemorative floral displays for funerals. Whatever the occasion, our flowers will infuse significant meaning and beauty into your event.

Queen’s Park Florist has been in business for more than three decades! Our award-winning florists specialize in unique and eye-catching floral arrangements. We use the highest quality materials and botanicals to create elegant gifts and displays for any occasion. Environmentally friendly, we work with trusted suppliers who provide us with seasonal as well as year-round plants and flowers that will inspire you with their natural beauty, fragrance, and affordability!

For more information about how we deliver our flowers to your doorsteps, we recommend reading up on our post through here:

Express Yourself with Flowers

Queen’s Park Florist specializes in both contemporary and traditional floral displays. We regularly feature a vast array of fresh flowers as well as tropical plants. We create displays to complement any type of event or occasion. In addition, we work with you to create a floral arrangement or gift that suits your needs. From vintage charm to modern elegance, we create floral arrangements that express any theme you have in mind. In themselves, flowers are quite perfect, so we do our best to bring you the perfect floral expression to enhance your special occasion or gift.

We Know Flowers

With more than 30 years of experience, Queen’s Park Florist certainly knows flowers. As experts in floral design, we are thrilled to provide our customers with our advanced know how. Along with delivery, we offer our customers a pleasing overall experience. Our designers find that working with customers to fulfill their floral needs is a pleasure. We can’t wait to help you enhance your event or special occasion with the gift of flowers.

Small basket of white and pink flowers
Small local vancouver plants by Queen's park florist

The Benefits of Plants

Although showy blooms like roses and tulips get lots of attention, we don’t want you to forget about the benefits of house or office plants. Plants make equally fine gifts, centerpieces, and decorative items. You can instantly warm up any environment with a plant. Many indoor plants aren’t merely decorative props. Various types of common indoor plants can actually improve the air quality of your home. Aloe vera, spider, ficus, and English ivy are just a few indoor plants that can serve this purpose. Queen’s Park Florist is delighted to offer a lovely array of indoor plants that can complement your home or business environment.

The Gift of Flowers

Did you know that the earliest flower arrangements date back to Egypt in 2500 BC? The ancients used flowers for special ceremonies, to decorate their homes, to adorn themselves, and for funeral processions. We continue this tradition by featuring flowers at momentous occasions. We also give them to others as the most thoughtful of expressions to represent love, friendship, gratitude, fellowship, and sympathy. And like the ancients, we understand how poignant beauty is expressed in a petal and reverence is expressed by a simple yet timeless gesture, the gift of flowers.